HTML & CSS Tutorials

Add a Custom Domain to Github Pages

Add a custom domain name to a website hosted on github pages.

Pre Requisites

  • Code is hosted on github
  • Domain has been purchased
  • Access to domains DNS settings

CSS Root Variables

CSS root variables, or CSS custom properties, define reusable values in a CSS stylesheet. They are declared within the :root pseudo-class selector. Root variables enhance code reusability, making it easier to maintain and update styles.

They improve flexibility by allowing dynamic changes through JavaScript, enabling theming and design variations. Root variables are accessed using the var() function and can have fallback values for compatibility with older browsers.

404 Error Page

This page will be used to tell visitors that the page they are looking for does not exist on the website. If you're looking to improve your website's SEO, then creating a custom 404 error page is a great way to do it. This page will help visitors understand that the page they are looking for may not be available on your website and can help improve your website's ranking in search engines. Thanks for watching!


A Favicon is a small icon that websites use to indicate to browsers that the page is a bookmarkworthy page. By adding a Favicon to your website, you'll make it easier for browsers to identify your website and remember it as they browse through their bookmarks. This video is a quick and easy guide that will teach you how to add a Favicon to a website using HTML.